Thursday, April 4, 2013

White Signs of Grief

Today on my blog Stillborn and Still Breathing, I am advertising White Signs of Grief  which is a Website I founded with my sister to help spread awareness about the grief and pain family members experience after the loss of a child.  We started White Signs of Grief in an effort to give a voice and put a face to this type of grief and to let them share their words of adviceBelow is the story of what drove me to start on this endeavor.

After the death of my daughter to stillbirth, I was immersed in grief and shock, but most of all, I felt alone.  Your children are not supposed to die before you; they are not supposed to die before they are even born.  I initially thought no one could understand my pain, but then the sympathy cards came in and people started to reveal their own losses to me.  Losses that were kept secret.  Losses I felt like I should have known about.  Miscarriages, late term pregnancy loss, stillbirth, SIDs, cancer, playground accidents, drunk driving, and more.  

Why did everyone keep their grief a secret, why didn't I know about these childless mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and family members?  I decided I needed to see their faces, to connect, to hear their advice, their words of truth about the pain and the anguish, just as much as I wanted to hear their thoughts about hope and love they still feel for their deceased child. That is why I started White Signs of Grief

If you are a grieving mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, brother, friend, or other family member to a child that has died too soon, please share your 'white sign of grief' with others at or e-mail your photo to  You can also like us on Facebook I look forward to seeing your face and your words of hope and truth about your grief journey after child loss.
May your beloved child's spirit live on in some way and some form.

May peace find you,


Founder, Lindsey Henke
Nora's Mom
Stillborn at 40 weeks, 4 days pregnant


  1. Hi Lindsey! I discovered your blog via another one I follow, and I am so moved by your story, your honesty in sharing it, and your eloquent prose as you do so. My husband and I lost our little Blueberry at 7 weeks in January 2012 and our Beanster at 7 weeks in December 2012--which brings me to my question: is White Signs of Grief (which I love!) only for later loss, or could we send in a photo commemorating our two tiny angels? Thank you for giving a voice to all of us who are grieving!

  2. Hi Tory & Jeff,

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your two children Blueberry and Beanster. I would be honored to post your sign about the loss of both of them. Child loss of any kind is devastating. I can relate, Nick and I don't have other children and some of us have to grieve not only the loss of our child themselves but also the loss of the dream of parenthood. I hope parenthood finds you and hugs your way. I am looking forward to seeing your 'white sign' for Beanster and Blueberry.

    May you have many blessing in your life soon,



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