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I am a writer…I am a mother to one on earth and one only in my heart…I am a madly in love wife, a proud dog mommy, an amateur photographer, a lifelong procrastinator………............. oh sorry, I am a lover of life and new experiences, an idealist coming to terms with reality, a devoted daughter, a secret gnome addict, a want-to-be meditator, a lucky older sister, a life-long student of the everyday existence, and mostly a wondering soul looking for direction and trying to understand this beautiful, but shattering, thing called life.  

My name is Lindsey.  I am a 30 ish year-old “babylost” mom to my first child, my sweet daughter, Nora and a mom to Zoe my daughter her on earth. I am a wife to my best-friend, lover, and husband, Nicholas.  As I mentioned I am also a proud dog mommy to my “little man” George, a carrot eating shih tzu.  In my day job I am a Clinical Social Worker and Mental Health Therapist specializing in providing individual, group, and family therapy to adolescents struggling with past trauma and abuse, parents trying to understand their children’s mental illness, and adult women who fight with addiction and mental health issues.   

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Lindsey Henke//Bio

Lindsey M. Henke, MSW, LICSW

Lindsey is a baby loss mom, writer, and clinical social worker.  In her day job she provides therapy to women, helping them recognize their inner beauty to soothe their past hurts. After her first daughter and only child, Nora was stillborn at full-term in December of 2012, she turned to the therapeutic techniques that she has been teaching to others to heal her own heart. Lindsey is the author of  Stillborn and Still Breathing, where she blogs about her journey through grief after child loss using her professional knowledge to heal her personal pain. She is the founder of Pregnancy After Loss Support, an online magazine and provider of peer-to-peer support services for moms trying to conceive, pregnant or parenting their subsequent baby in the first year after a previous loss.  Lindsey is also a monthly contributor for Still Standing Magazine, an online resource for bereaved families and was feature as Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine's Knocked Up Blogger during her pregnancy with her second daughter, Zoe who was born healthy and alive in March of 2014. 

“Grief doesn’t have to hide; it can sing with the other birds…
sometimes it sings more beautifully than the rest.”

~ Still Breathing…Lindsey

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