My Grief Project

Walk the journey of grief towards healing with me.  

Each month I try different healing techniques I have learned as a professional pyscho-therapist on myself, in effort to soothe some of the pain from being a bereaved parent.  Outlined below are the healing techniques I have used or will use in the upcoming months.  I write about my experience with each technique on Friday of every week.  Feel free to follow along.   

To see past Grief Project posts and my experience with the healing techniques used click here.

Scroll down below to see the outline of healing techniques for each month. 

May grief be a wise teacher on your journey through sorrow towards healing. 

The first stage of Grief - Denial
Laying the ground work for healing

Funeral Planning
Individual Therapy
Faith's Lodge
Organizing the House
The Letter
Journaling & Blogging


The Second Stage of Grief - Anger
Using the body to grieve

Cooking through Grief


Healing Through Connections
 Grief Commandment #4. I will not grieve alone.  I need others to help me heal.
Support Groups
Reaching Out through Technology & Social Media
Making Time for New Friends Who Share Our Journey
 Connecting with Old Friends
Practice Kindness, Especially to Those Who Have Experienced Grief


Grieving Mindfully
Sitting with Grief - Mediation  
Establish and Area of Refuge


Love of Family - Relationships & Roles During Grief

 Family - The Forgotten Grievers
Dad's & Grief
Couples Counseling 
Sex & Grief
Men & Women - We Grieve Different  
A Different Kind of Parent 


Taking a Break from Grief - Learning to let Happiness & Sadness Live Inside My Grief
Grief Commandment #2. Sadness and Happiness can both live within grief.
Grief Commandment #3. Just because I'm grieving, doesn't mean I need to hide my Joy and Laughter.

Traveling Through Grief
Countering Grief - Finding Joy
The Helpful Grievers - Pets
Learning to Laugh Again
Accepting Pain and Joy as a Part of Grief 


Ways to Remember - The Importance of Remembrance

Funerals & Ceremonies
The Importance of Riturals
Ways We Remember & Ways You Can Remember
Moments of Remembering


Contemplating the Universe - Spirituality in Healing

Finding Meaning in Reading Spiritual Books
Letter Writing to a Higher Power
Allowing Room for Beauty & Joy
Grieving without God
Grieving with God 


Kindness for Healing - Paying it Forward for Healing

30 Acts of Kindness in 30 days
Word Rocks


 Creative Expression - Healing Through the Arts

Photography for Healing
Writing through Grief
Music & Healing
Expressive Arts for Exploring Grief  - Painting & Collage


The Power of Positive Thought - An Attitude of Gratitude for Healing Grief

 More to Come...Grief is a Work in Progress.


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