Monday, July 8, 2013

Letters to Nora - Linky Love Letters to Our Children Gone too Soon

Every Monday I feature a letter I have written to my deceased daughter as a way to still connect with her in her absence.  I also know that I am not the only one who does this.  Many other grieving parents do this too on their blogs.  

So, moving forward I will have all "Letters to Nora" open as "Linky Letters to Our Children Gone too Soon" If you write letters, one, two, or a hundred to the child your missing on your blog, just link them up with mine. I know I want to read your letter and I am sure others do too. Let's use this as a way to spread our love letters to our children. 

Feel free to Link Up! All that is required is that it is a letter to your deceased child.  

Looking forward to linking letters with you.       

And now to today's Letter to Nora.


July 2nd,

Dear Sweet Nora,

The other day while day dreaming and looking out the window at work, I saw us.  I saw you, and your dad, and me.  We were walking out of the park and down the sidewalk.  Your dad and I were holding hands, him with his Starbucks in one hand and both eyes on you.  And me watching him watch you giggle and squirm in your fancy stroller. (Only the best for our daughter.) 

I saw this couple Nora, I saw them right outside my office window.  So close I could hear them laugh and giggle in their world unknowing of loss.  So close I could reach out and touch them.  So close I could almost be them.  We were so close Nora, to almost being them.  But, as you know.  We are not.

Your dad and I go on walks still.  We still walk hand and hand and little man George comes along.  We still laugh and giggle.  We still find peace.  But we still miss that you are not there with us.  There is no stroller to push, no diaper bag to carry, no father gazing at daughter looks to watch.  There is only us, your dad, me, and George.  Nothing different then before.  Nothing on the outside looks as if it has changed.  If you saw us a year ago on a walk and then saw us today, we would look like the same couple, as if nothing has happened, as if nothing has change.

Nora, to outsides I would say, “Look a little closer.”  And in our eyes you would notice something missing, something changed.  In our eyes you would see the wounds the world has inflicted on our soul.  Longing lives in our hearts and sadness radiates from our retinas. It’s only a small glint, but there, if you look closely you can see the pain of losing love.

Of losing you.

I’m sorry that we are not that family outside of my office window.  Oh, Nora, how I wish we were.

Love Always & Forever,



  1. My letter to Joshua:

  2. Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for adding your link. Can you try to add it to linky letters by going to the Click here to enter right above your comment? Then an icon/photo of your blog will show up too.



  3. I'm so happy to those who have shared their letters. I love them all. Tell your other loss friends because I love reading the letters and from now on Nora's Letters will be open for you all to share and link up yours.

  4. Love this idea! And I love your daily Instagram pieces. Here is my letter to Delaney:

  5. Letter to Patrick:


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