Grief Commandments

1. The pain is great because the love was great.

2. Sadness and Happiness can both live within grief.

3. Just because I'm grieving, doesn't mean I need to hide my joy and laughter.

4. I will not grieve alone.  I need others to help me heal.

5. Nurturing myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually, is healing.

6. I will go on living and loving life.  The life of my loved one has been swallowed by death, but I am not dead. Grief will not consume me.

7. My process is just that, mine.  I can not compare it to others.  I must go at my own pace.

8. I will dedicate my joy and hope to my loved one through a live well lived.

9. My pain is a part of me.  I need to accept it in order to release it.

10. I move forward through my grief each day.  It is always there, but each day it gets a little better.

11. I will be intentional about my grief.  My grief does not control me.  I chose to control it. 

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