Family Contributors

Nora's Dad, Nicholas

I am proud to say that I am Nora's Dad, but I am a man of few words when it comes to my feelings.  Lindsey does most of the "feelings talk" as a therapist.  But I am honored to share my thoughts and experiences about the loss of our beautiful daughter, Nora. Either through my own words from time to time or by being behind the scenes of the blog.

I miss Nora more than I can put into words.  I am proud to be her dad and each day I am learning new lessons that Nora has taught me about love and life. 

Aunt Kristi

Hi!  I’m Nora’s Awesome Aunt Kristi!   I am also an aunt to her dog-brother, Georgie, and a mom to two fur babies called Chico and Wrigley.  On a daily basis I go to my adult job as an Arabic Language Arts teacher and come home to be a loving wife to my husband, Zach.  In my spare time (when I have it) I enjoy sewing, painting, reading, writing, cuddling with my pups and husband, watching (too much) TV, going to movies, imbibing in delicious craft beer and red wine.  Oh, and cooking and eating food…gotta love food. 

I am lucky to be the sister of the amazing woman who started this blog, Lindsey, and she has realized the need that there is for the extended family members who have experienced still-birth to share their stories.  I hope that by sharing my journey through grief over the loss of my sweet niece, Nora Norine-Kelly, that others will find comfort and strength. 

Uncle Zach

I am Nora's fantastic Uncle.  Her Aunt and I have been together for 10 years.  Normally, I am a man of few words so I will keep this short.  Nora's existence impacted me greatly.  I am proud to be her uncle and to be a part of this wonderful family.

Hopefully, others going through similar situations will find my uncle perspective helpful.

Grandma F.

I am Nora’s Grandma F. and honored to be.  I am the mother to Still Breathing Lindsey and Awesome Aunt Kristi.  I am very proud of my two daughters for the dedication and heart they have put into this blog and helping others through their words.  While I don’t get to be a grandma to Nora in this life, I still plan on “grand-parenting” her here on earth.  I hope my stories of doing so, that I write for “Sunday’s at Grandma’s” will help in the effort to bring awareness to stillbirth and the grief that comes with experiencing such a traumatic loss.

Great-Grandma Debbie

I am Nora’s Great-Grandma Debbie.  I dearly miss not getting the chance to meet my first great-grand-daughter. I am honored that Lindsey asked me to share some of my stories about my experiences with loss on Stillborn and Still Breathing and only hope my two-sense can help.     
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