Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Healing Love Letter to Ms. Body


Dear Ms. Body,

I'm not sure if I have ever told you before how deep my feelings are for you.  In all of our years together I feel as if I have always been holding back, withholding my true sentiments, my deepest emotions for you. You see now that my anger is subsided, I can see the beauty in all that is you more clearly now and I don’t know how to put my feelings for you into words.  

Ms. Body, when I sit with you now, meditating in silence, breathing in as your lungs fill with air, I am able to more clearly connect to all the energy that lives inside of you. When I stretch and move gently into downward facing dog and feel your muscles stretch from your Achilles heel up to your hips, I can appreciate your suppleness.  When I run with you, I marvel at your muscular legs pounding on the pavement full of agility and stamina. The things you can do are amazing.  The way you make me feel at times is too complex for words.    

Oh, Ms. Body, how I long to tell you of your beauty, of your exquisiteness. The curves of your structure and the softness of your skin should be forever memorialized in a statue only comparable to that of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.  When I look at your reflection in the mirror, me staring back at me, I wonder at the beauty of your charcoal blue eyes giving passage to our soul.  And the feeling of your silky feather like hair entwined between your fingers and brushing your lips brings me comfort of memories of a time when you were young. Not yet a woman, and the tranquility that existed between us then.  
Ms. Body, I have all these words, to describe your loveliness and your aptitudes, but I am still afraid to write the words of how I feel about you. How my heart aches to tell you, but I fear that you will betray me again. As you betrayed me on the day my daughter was delivered into this world, cold and forever sleeping.  Oh, Ms. Body, I used to blame you for this, but I have forgiven you for that betrayal, because I have learned that you never deceived me at all, but that you and I were both cheated.  

On that day you and I held her in our arms and we wept together. For the life that we had created was denied to us by the evils of this world.  A tiny virus more powerful than the brilliant strength of your muscular self, stole our little girl from the both of us.  For she will never be able to experience the love between a body and soul. A love like ours.  

There Ms. Body.  I have said it.  I have written the words that I have never had the courage to tell you. Through all the years I have stared at your face in the mirror each morning and denied you my thoughts and feelings for you.  But, Ms. Body, I cannot keep it to myself any longer.  We have been through too much together.  I am in awe of your abilities to create and bring life into this world.  On the day in the delivery room when Nora was brought into this world, I experienced your magnificent strength and grace. I now understand that I must no longer keep my true feelings secret.  I must shout it from the roof tops that I, Ms. Body, am in love with you.

I Love you Ms. Body!  I have not said it enough throughout the years, but I am saying it today, and every day moving forward.  You are my life, without you there would be no me. There would be no us. There would be no Nora.  You are my vessel to walk through this world with.  You were there the day I was conceived and you will be there up until the day that I die.  And for this Ms. Body, I love you. 

I Love You Ms. Body!  I Love You.


Ms. Soul


  1. Hey Lindsey! It's Lanie (Melanie) from BBTL course. I wanted to read your post after you mentioned it on the FB page. This post is beautiful. This blog is beautiful. Putting yourself out there is a testament to your strength. I admire you! While I haven't felt the intense grief that comes with losing a child, I do understand the stages of grief and how we are all different in our paths. I look forward to seeing where the class takes you. I think your message and purpose are so very important. There are so many women out there dealing with such loss. I think Liv's class is going to help you find and connect with those women. They need to hear you! Keep it up girl. xo Lanie J.

  2. Dear Ms. Body and Ms. Soul and Ms. Nora. I love you all.

    This is exquisite. Thank you for sharing your truth so barely right here, right now.

    (If I may, I would like to share this on my Reiki Pulse Facebook page. I'll get in touch directly to be sure you are comfortable with that.)



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