Sunday, February 2, 2014

Launching The Baby Loss Memorial Scrapbook Kits

I am privileged and honored to share with you a gift from Nora and her family with the launch of our Baby Loss Memorial Scrapbook Kit.  My mother, Nora's Grandmother, and I have created a baby loss memorial scrapbook kit at a low cost for you to purchase as a gift and keep sake for a friend who experienced the loss of a baby or as a place to put cherished memories of your own.  I know I needed this book after my daughter was stillborn and when my mom showed me what she had created out of love for me with all of Nora's hospital 'keepsakes' I knew we had to give our idea to others.  

Visit our Nora's Nook & Gifts (we just opened!) to find out how to purchase the baby loss memorial scrapbook. 

Right now we have scrapbooks in girl and boy options, but coming soon we will include options for twins along with gender neutral scrap books.  There are other wonderful products being offered in the store too - like our Purses to Prevent Pregnancy Loss Line (but we will have more on that later).  

If you think you might want to preserve your memories in a scrapbook instead of a memory box like me, or you know of someone who might need a memorial scrapbook as a way to create more memories and bond with their baby after a loss, then consider purchasing one of our Baby Loss Memorial Scrapbooks.  All handmade with love as a gift from my baby girl Nora to yours.  

Read more about what's in the scrapbook kit and the story behind the idea below from Nora's Grandma, Gerry, designer and maker of the books.  

How The Baby Loss Memorial Scrapbook Project Came To Be
by Gerry - Nora's Grandmother and Book Designer & Maker

I am a scrapper.  I remember and memorialize events by making scrapbooks.  I have done so many of them—from small moments in time to books that follow our family’s life continuum.  Each daughter and son-in-law received a wedding album with 300 pictures for them to remember their wedding day, plus mementos that I collected from their special day.  This is a pastime that I am very committed to.  I also memorialized Nora in a book that starts with Lindsey announcing her pregnancy, her growing bump, her baby shower, and through Nora’s loss and the memorial events.  So it wasn’t a surprise when Lindsey gave me the mementos that she and Nick had saved from Nora’s birth and asked me to make a small memorial book for Nora.

I wasn’t sure how to start—what to include and how to do it.  After looking on line for some inspiration and looking at scrapbook stores, Lindsey and I came up with a mental image of what the book should look like.  It would include Nora’s hospital bracelet and cap, her certificate of stillbirth, her foot and handprints, and her pictures from ‘Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep’.  I also thought it should include some ‘happy’ memories such as pictures from the baby shower.  After all, Lindsey’s pregnancy was uneventful and filled with much joy—right up until she arrived at the hospital and was told that Nora had no heartbeat.  I wanted Lindsey to remember that expecting Nora was a happy time.

So I got to work on the book.  I found a cute 8” x 8” scrapbook that was pink, found some pretty pink baby paper, and went to work.  I started off by placing a picture of Nora with the baby loss poem ‘Little Snowdrop’ about how a life, no matter how short, touches the world in a small way.  Nora has definitely done this with the help of her wonderful Mother.  The next page was another picture of Nora and a small announcement.  I went on to add her other mementos and pictures.  I even found one small strand of Nora’s hair, stuck in her hospital cap, to add to the book.  

(Below are pictures of Lindsey's scrapbook I made and ideas for your book.)

As I worked on it and told Lindsey of my progress, she came up with the idea of making kits available to those who have experienced baby loss, and didn’t want to put their mementos into a box and set it on a shelf in a closet, never to look at it again.  A scrapbook could be easily accessible at any time, to be shared with siblings, relatives, and friends.  And so our scrapbooks kits came about.

In the process of making these kits, friends and family have given me ideas, inspiration, tools, and time.  Many thanks go out to all of them—Lindsey and Kristi for their inspiration; Holly, who has been both inspirational and helpful, putting in may hours herself to get this project off the ground; and my husband, Bob, who has supported me along the way.  

My heart goes out to all of those who order one, for they have experienced one of life’s most heart-wrenching events.  May they find a little bit of solace in the book.

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