Saturday, April 20, 2013

Parkinson's Half Marathon in Madison, WI

Today, Lindsey is supporting our uncle, Bobby Nasett, who has Parkinson's Disease, by running in a half marathon in Madison, WI.  She is also doing this to honor her daughter, who will never know the joy of running, as part of her grief project.  Since Nora died, Lindsey has used running as a tool to help with her grief and to keep herself active and healthy.  Lindsey set a goal to run this half marathon, as well as another one in May.  

Just as Lindsey is inspiring others by sharing her grief journey, our uncle is inspiring others as he fights Parkinson's.  For the past 15 years he has taken his diagnosis of Parkinson's and used it to motivate him and others to work towards staying active and finding a cure.

Last year he put together his first Parkinson's 5K and Half Marathon near Madison, WI, which raised over $17,000 to fund various Parkinson's projects.  They put together the run again this year and Lindsey, Nick, and my husband, Zach, are all participating.  (I am stuck at an all day class and could not go...bummer).

Our uncle, Bobby Nasett, was also awarded the Jefferson Award for Wisconsin this year.  His story is inspirational, and can provide motivation to anyone facing a tough situation but refuses to let it get them down.

To read more about our Awesome and Inspiring Uncle, visit this link.

Good luck to all the runners and volunteers today!!

-Awesome Aunt Kristi

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