Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Will She be Forgotten?

I'm writing over at Still Standing today about my fear that Nora will be forgotten and overshadowed by her little sister Zoe.  Nick edited this post for me last night and ended up in tears.  (I love that man so much!)  The post is about him mostly and my parents (I love them lots too) and when I asked Nick why he was crying he said, "Because I feel the same way too."  It was another beautiful grief moment we both shared.

Read all about the tears that Nick and I shed over this article and moment in time here

P.S. Mom and Dad, I might have been upset by what I describe in this post but that was only a moment in time.  I'm actually choked up as I write this realizing I have such supportive parents that have taught me it's okay to express my feelings and that you accept that I do so in such a public way.  I only hope I can give Zoe the same gift of freedom to share her voice as you have given to me.

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  1. You write so beautifully. Puts so nice words to all emotions. I recognize myself in what you write. Thank you for sharing.
    Sincerely cecilie ♥

  2. I've started writing my baby girl's name while in the shower too. Having these few minutes of closeness helps me make it through the day. Reading your blog is helping me "heal", continue this process of acceptance (understanding is impossible).

  3. I find that our daughter is both remembered and forgotten. My loss moms remember. We carry each other's stories and children in our hearts as tiny flames keeping them alive.

    But in daily life she can sometimes be forgotten for short periods. It's funny how she is remembered. A dream, a look at a picture on a wall, or one of my daughters, who were too young to remember when she was lost, will mention her out of the blue.

    After 9 years, I'm not surprised that I still miss her and miss who she should have been. But I am surprised when the grief comes out of nowhere and squeezes my heart like it happened hours ago, instead of years.

  4. I lost My 3 years old son to a blood clot in the leg. It will be 5 years may 26 and i cry everyday . I Miss his voice ,touch,smell,just everything about him . I need Help or Im a die to

    1. Hi Carla. If you are in series trouble or contemplating suicide please call your local emergency number. There are people out there who can help support you through this difficult time. Here is the number to the National Suicide Hotline: National Suicide Prevention Line – 1-800-273-TALK (8255) (United States)
      To find a suicide prevention hotline in your country please visit the International Association of Suicide Prevention website at IASP.Info

      Please take care of yourself. Your son would want you to live. I want you to live.


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