Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Birth Stories After Loss Blog Roll

Writing both of my birth stories was extremely healing for me and there seems to be many places around the internet where we can share our birth stories of loss.  But here, I have decided that I would like to start sharing our birth stories of our babies after a loss.  These stories are just as important and healing to tell. 

So I'm looking for submissions of your birth after loss story to share on my blog.  If you are interested in sharing your birth story of hope or loss (because not all pregnancies after loss result in rainbows) please e-mail your story to l.mariefritsch@gmail.com or send me your story through the Still Breathing Facebook page.   

I look forward to having the honor of sharing your story on Still Breathing.


  1. I hope to be able to write my birth story after the birth of my rainbow baby. I've got a long way to go though and I am SO scared.

    fingers crossed I can reach this goal.


  2. Me too! I am now pregnant with my rainbow baby - after 9 months of losing my little girl. And I'm also SO scared. This pregnancy has been so different from the 1st one- anxiety included. Hope we both can reach this goal, Rainbow. Xxx Viviana

  3. And after 8 weeks into the pregnancy of what was meant to be my rainbow baby we receive the news that we lost this baby too :( Viviana


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