Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Little Things & The 52 Project

As part of my Loving the Little Things Project and at the advice of my sister I decided to jump on board this very cool idea called The 52 Project developed by Jodi at Practising Simplicity (no that's not a typo, she is from Australia and that's how they spell practicing).

So, Here's what you do, it's real simple.  You take one picture a week of your child (well that is what the project started as, but you can take a picture of whatever you want, make it your own) and post it for people to see.

I told you, simple, right?  Also if you are using Instagram you can include the hashtag #the52project or link to Jodi's account @practisingsimplicity.

This idea is so exciting for me.  I will try to post my weekly pictures of my pregnancy with baby No. 2 and then hopefully (we are still crossing our fingers) pictures of baby No. 2 as she grows.  This project is exciting but scary for me because it means that I'm putting faith in this pregnancy and believing that this time I will actually bring a baby home.  I'm not entirely sure I believe that idea, but I do agree with my sister that The 52 Project it is a good way for Nick and I to continue to bond with baby No. 2 and hopefully watch her grow and celebrate her life with a weekly picture of her after she is born.

Here are my pictures for the past 4 weeks to get you caught up.  I hope you enjoy them!





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  1. I love that last one. You give me so much hope!


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