Thursday, October 24, 2013

Faces of Grief - A Photographic Display of the Experience of Grief after the Loss of a Child

With this piece I put together moments of my grief captured on film from the first moments of my daughter's entrance into this world to 10 months after her death.  

I used color to emphasizes lighter moments, moments when grief was not as strong, but included darkness in every photo to highlight that grief still lives in the soul even months later.  

The placing of the photos is purposeful, to show how grief is deep and darkest at first, traumatic in nature.  Then over time in ebbs and flows, moments of sorrow lift, but also return, moving in and out at different rates, with no rhyme or reason. 

This was an experiment in exploring my grief through art and photography this month as a way to integrate my journey of grief into my larger life story.

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  1. This is such a raw post. I appreciate each one of these photos. Anyone who has lost a child or someone close can relate to your artistic post. It is stunning and brings tears to my eyes as I reflect on my own emotions I've experienced over the years. Thank you for sharing. For always sharing.


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