Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Word Rocks - Paying it Forward for Her

Hi Folks!  It's been a while.  I will have to say that now that I started a teaching gig, my posts might be more sporadic (as you might have noticed!).  I hope to get back on track sooner than later.  Please, hang in there with me.

Today I want to talk about my healing theme for September which is Paying it Forward in her HONOR!  On Friday, for my grief project I will outline my plan in further detail and tell you about all the great work I have done in her name since September 1st!  If you follow me on Instagram, you will already know about my good deeds done to honor Nora.

But, this week starting on Monday, I partnered with Carol at Word Rocks. A few months ago, I got an Instagram message from Carol that said "My heart is really touched by her beauty." On a picture I had posted of Nora right after she was stillborn.  I was touched that someone else, someone who never met her, could see her beauty like I could!  Someone who was not her mother or family member could see the exquisiteness in my daughter's picture as she lie there dead. Where most people turn away from such an image, Carol saw Nora's light and essence.  She saw her beauty.    

And our connection didn't end there.  Carol didn't know it, but I was intrigued by her work at Word Rocks. I researched her project on her site and LOVED what she was doing.  Writing inspirational words on painted rocks and leaving them in public places all over the world, hoping that the right rock and the right word finds the right person.  The person who needed that rock the most that day!  There are some amazing stories on her site about how word rocks have found people in their moment of need and brightened someone's day.  I just knew I wanted to do something like this to pass on Nora's light to others.  A random act of kindness in Nora's name.  

I was ready to reach out to Carol, when I found out that she had already contacted ME!  She sent me a sweet email asking if she could send me a word rock to honor Nora as she was so moved by her story.  And then a week later this package arrived!  It was so beautiful that Nora's image, had touched someone's heart so deeply that this person was moved to reach out to me.   

After that I asked Carol if we could partner this month to do a week of word rocks together in Nora's name!  Carol was ecstatic about the idea and I think at times put more love into her rocks then I did into my own.  We agreed to do the same words on the same days moving forward and spread kindness through word rocks around our respected cities and states.  Then we take pictures of where we left our rocks in hopes that the right person comes along and experiences some of Nora's light and beauty that Carol and I are sharing with others. All in hopes that Nora's tiny and short life touches others as she has touched me and people like Carol.  

Words can not describe how honored and moved I am by Carol's willingness to celebrate my daughter's life.  As a bereaved parent of a child who never breathed a breath in this world, sometimes it can feel like others don't care or don't want to acknowledge the loss of my precious child.  But Carol did the opposite, she honors my daughter and by doing so, she helps me move forward in my grief journey towards healing. 

Thank you Carol for helping me spread Nora's light and love in effort to bring a moment of kindness to another's day along with helping me heal through this loving experience.  Feel free to follow our project this week on Instagram.  You can follow my placement of word rocks @stillbreathinglindsey and make sure you check out all the good work Carol does @word_rocks.  She has so much love to spread I'm honored that Nora and I can be a small part of it.

P.S.  If you find a rock, turn it over and see how you can share your story of finding the rock at her site www.wordrocks.me.  I'm looking forward to seeing at least how one of Nora's word rocks touched another's life.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! I have been collecting rocks at the shore to do something like this myself...I didn't know it already existed "formally" out there somewhere. How wonderful!!! Carol sounds like a very special lady <3

  2. Lindsey, I'm speechless after reading one more of your beautiful posts.
    I'm the one to say THANKS to you and your pretty Nora.
    Having had the chance to meet your beautiful soul and the sweet soul of Nora was a gift to me ( I hope it makes sense in English).


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