Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Notice Something Different?!?!

I do! 

This new design Rocks My World!

Maybe some of you were as surprised as I was when I typed in "Stillborn and Still Breathing" into Google yesterday morning, like I was, because what came up was this AWESOMENESS!!

This new look came about with the help of Franchesca at Small Birds Studios.  I feel really lucky because she just announced she will be taking a break from receiving orders for blog designs in the upcoming months, re-thinking her direction, as she states she wants to focus more on her awesome art shop.  Check it out, her art is just as good as her web design.

So, what do you think of the new look?  I hope it projects light and healing when I talk about such a dark and sometimes depressing topic.  But there is healing happening in my heart and love that Nora has left behind in the form of grief, that I want the world to see as beauty.  I believe the new design of this blog has helped with that.

In the next few days Fran and I will be ironing out the kinks.  Stay with us and we will have an awesome new healing design to greet you every time you stop by.   


  1. Lindsey,

    The new look looks good. It brings in light, and feels hopeful.

    I thought of you today as I was reading When Bad Things Happen to Good People. Harold Kushner writes, "We need to get over the questions that focus on the past and on the pain--'Why did this happen to me?'--and ask instead the question which opens doors to the future: 'Now that this has happened, what shall I do about it?'"

    I admire how actively you've jumped in to your grief. Thank you for sharing with us out here on the web.
    Burning Eye

  2. Looks fabulous, Lindsey!

    Gentle, vibrant, alive.



    1. Thanks for all the kind comments about the blog! I love the new design too. Like someone said, let's more light in, let's more healing in.

  3. Lindsey, I love the new design. The banner tells your story but also suggests healing and renewal. There is definitely a feeling of lightness and hope, a comfortable place in which you can continue to honor Nora. Hugs.


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