Sunday, June 30, 2013

Great – Grandma Fritsch’s Thoughts

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Grandma's Card to Me

My Grandmother and Nora's Great Grandmother has always had a talent for telling a tale.  When I was young I would sit for hours listening to her and Grandpa talk about their youth, wild love affair and crazy family life of raising my dad and his three siblings.  

My Grandma has been kind  enough to share some of her thoughts and stories here on 'Sundays at Grandma's'. In the upcoming months we will hear more from her, for she has an important story to share too on these pages.  

But today we will hear her thoughts about Nora's death in her letter to me. Thanks Grandma for sharing.  Also, I appreciate the humongous hugs you sent my way. 

Great Grandma Fritsch's Thoughts

(Humungous Hugs Enclosed) ~ Gramma
Dear Lindsey,

I have a few thoughts about my great-granddaughter, our little angel, Noreen Kelly Henke.

What happy and exciting news to think our two December granddaughters 1 year and 1 week apart would have their first babies only one week apart.  One a boy and one a girl.  Wow – I could shop in both departments for clothes and toys.  Even now, five months later, I look longingly at the baby girl things.

The news of Nora’s stillbirth put the entire family into shock. Never thought of such a tragedy in this day and age.  Shock – disbelief, devastation, and grief all mixed together and I was not the parent – so how on earth did you and Nick feel I pondered?  

Then the funeral – instead of all the joy we’d all planned.  But what love and support you both had at the funeral.  But I knew so well all you wanted was your own little Nora to be alive and well.  

It is a heart breaker and the way things were – we so easily could have lost you, too.  It is important to remember it was the love between Nick and you that produced Nora and thank God you both still had each other.  Be thankful for each other and all your love.

Love you with all my heart.

Great Gramma Debbie

And Always

Great Grandpa Bob

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