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Letters to Nora - February 2nd, 2013

February 2nd, 2013

Dear Sweet Nora,

I am going back to work tomorrow.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I'm going back early, because I was supposed to stay home for three months taking care of you, but things didn't work out that way.  

I think about you everyday, even if I don't write.  I miss you, but I am starting to accept the idea that you are not here and that is the way it is.  It just is.  I'm trying to take care of myself the best I can by eating healthy, exercising, and being kind to myself.  Your dad is doing the same.  He is doing okay, but he misses you very much.  

Nora, I think about how you used to go to work with me, in my belly.  When I was pregnant with you, I would worry about what you would hear from all my client's crazy stories that I work with.  I was going to tell you when you were older, how you helped mommy in her therapy sessions in her belly.  He.He.

Also, while you were in my belly you traveled where your dad and I traveled.  When you were just forming, we went to Hawaii and I was crazy with morning sickness and had this intense ability to smell everything.  Your dad that I was nuts and we called it pregnancy nose or a really unfortunate super power, right.  

You also traveled with us to your dad's graduation from his master's program in Washington D.C.  I was so proud of him and it was that weekend, right after his ceremony that my belly popped out and decided to let you show to the world.  It was exciting.

Oh Nora, how I miss those times.  How I miss you.  I hope that you are safe wherever you are.  Nora,  I don't believe in God in the religious sense, but some how I know that you are still with me, in some shape or some form.  If it is even only in my memory.  But I still feel you, not like I feel you in my body, but I still feel your presence.  

Good night honey.  I will love you forever.

Love Always & Forever,


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