Friday, February 28, 2014

To a Beautiful Mother...You Are Worthy

To a beautiful mother,

You are reading this because you are pregnant, and, because your motherhood journey includes enduring pregnancy and infant loss. 

Friend, you aren’t alone. Excitement. Joy. Wonder. These things might seem to be muffled with fear, anxiety, and feeling so very alone. Does this new pregnancy dictate you push your pain even further away? Somehow are you required now to bury your beloved deceased baby even deeper into the soil? 

Even without a word saying so, it somehow surely seems like this must be what is expected of you. Even if your loss was many pregnancies ago, those feelings might reappear. The fear. The anxiety. The feeling so very alone. And, with each pregnancy seeming to separate you from those fleeting moments with your hopes, with your anticipation, with your baby who is not alive, the fear might have grown even stronger. The anxiety might have increased. The feeling so very alone might have festered into anger, abandonment.

Friend, you aren’t alone. You are worthy. You are worthy to have a special, honoring space to unpack all of these feelings. Because they’re yours. Because they mirror back the complex orchestration that is your motherhood journey. I want to inspire you to consider that the excitement, joy and wonder need not be muddled by the fear and anxiety. 

Let me audaciously proclaim that your excitement, joy and wonder can even be magnified, felt even more profoundly, richly, thoroughly, because of your motherhood journey. Because each of your pregnancies matter. Because each of your experiences are meaningful. Because each of your babies count. Because you are worthy. 

I invite you now, to do something radically different in this pregnancy. Rather than bury your motherhood journey into the past, consider planting your motherhood journey right now. Consider that every aspect of your walk so far has grown your heart. Grown your soul. Grown your motherhood. Grown your love. 

May you fertilize this pregnancy with wisdom. May you water this pregnancy with hope. May this season grow your excitement, your joy, and your wonder. May you mother unconditionally. May you mother your mourning, and may you give birth to healing. 

And may this subsequent baby listen, both in the womb and out, as you embed the same seeds of life upon his or her precious little spirit: excitement. Joy. Wonder. Not in spite of your motherhood journey, but because of it.

~Heidi Faith

You can find Heidi at her resource website StillBirthday and on Facebook.  Among all the amazing work Heidi does she also has found time to write her first book, “The Invisible Pregnancy: Giving Birth to Healing”. 

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