Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Day of Play During Pregnancy After Loss with Pictures

Nick and I have been very hesitant about really diving into joy with baby No. 2 as most of you know if you keep up with the weekly Knocked Up Blogger Posts I write over at Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.  But today we took a few more steps into momentary happiness this week by having fun with our camera and continuing to bond with baby. 

We are keeping up with Nick's idea to take a monthly seasonal picture of the belly bump and today I can honestly say we had some winter fun doing so, but I do have to admit that even sharing pictures like this makes me nervous. But, like I said in last weeks Knocked Up Blogger Post, "I would be even more disappointed in myself if I didn’t at least try to enjoy every moment I have with her because really all we get are moments." 

Here's to the moments of today.  Check out our pictures below.

(P.S. You can't see it, but we are under the tree that Nora's bird house is in.  She is always there. Aren't you little girl!)

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