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Letters to Nora - A Tale of Two Sisters

July 14th, 2013

Dear Nora,

Today I want to tell you a story about your Awesome Aunt Kristi and me.  It's not a true story per say, but it is a story that is very much based off our childhood and love for each other.  Your Aunt so wanted to be YOUR Aunt.  She wanted to hold you, rock you, and kiss you.  She probably wanted to tell you all the stories of how I tortured her growing up too.  But today I will tell you a bed time story of her love and devotion as a sister.  I can only hope that one day, you too, will have a sister as special as mine.

So snuggle up and listen as I tell you A Tale of Two Sisters:

Once there were two sisters.  There was the older, wiser sister, who believed she would not break.  That she was invincible. She would run with the farm dogs, play games with the boys, and climb the highest tree with no fear.   

And then there was the younger, gentler sister whose heart was full of tender love and who spent her summer days following her older sister around.   This got on the older sister’s nerves and while playing in the garden with her friends one afternoon the older sister, no wiser than eight years, turned to her younger sister and said, “Leave me alone.  I don’t need you.”

The younger sister’s eyes swelled with tears and a deep sadness flooded her heart as she turned away, rejected from her older sister.  She ran through the wild flowers back towards the safety of her house where her mother was waiting.  When the younger sister arrived inside she was crying.  Her mother opened up her arms and comforted her with a tender embrace. 
“Honey, what’s wrong?” The mother asked as she tried to console her younger daughter’s heart.

“Older sister yelled at me and told me to leave her alone! And that she doesn’t need me.” Younger sister said as she continued to weep tears of grief.

Mother pulled her youngest daughter out of their embrace and held her shoulders sternly while looking her square in the eyes and said, “Honey.  I want you to listen to me now.  Older sister might think she is strong and wise, and will never break, but one day, no matter what she says now, she will need you.  More than she has ever needed anyone. Promise me you will never leave your sister, no matter what she says.”

As mother spoke, younger sister took a deep breath and held in her tears as her lip quivered in protest.  She nodded her head in agreement with her mother’s words and gave a sincere promise that only a five year old can because she felt the weight in her mother’s words and knew there must be purpose to this promise.

As the years passed older sister and younger sister went about their separate ways.  Older sister always thinking she was wiser and stronger than younger sister.  And younger sister from time to time would try to check in on older sister as mother made her promise to “Never leave her sister, no matter what.”  Older sister didn’t make this task easy and for the most part younger sister had to be there in spirit and heart as older sister went about her own business as older sisters often due. 

Then as years passed, and younger sister was not so young anymore, and older sister was about to get older, younger sister was awoken by an early morning phone call from older sister’s husband. 

“I need you to come to the hospital.” He said through tears of terror.

Younger sister did not ask questions and with her husband they arrived at the hospital room within minutes of the call.  There, younger sister walked into what was supposed to be older sister’s delivery room, but had turned into her child’s tomb, as older sister’s baby died in the womb the day she was to be born.

With courage, wisdom, and strength, younger sister stepped into the room and met older sister’s eyes. 

“I’m scared,” Older sister whispered.

“I know. Be scared,” Younger sister replied.

“I am broken,” Older sister screamed. 

“I know. Be Broken,” Younger sister replied.

“Don’t leave me. I need you,” Older sister cried out as she grabbed her younger sister’s hand.

And like in the years not so long before, when younger sister looked into her mother’s eyes and took a deep breath as she held in her tears and her lip quivered, she again said, “I won’t leave. I promise.” 
As older sister replied with fearful but comforted eyes, “Thank you.”

And together they both wept tears of grief.   

So Nora, what did you think?  I hope you enjoyed the story.

Love Always & Forever,


P.S. Goodnight Dear. 

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  1. Oh wow, that story had me in tears. What a wonderful sister you must have. Thanks for sharing xx


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