Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday at Grandma's: Aunt Kristi's Musings

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Staring at this blank screen is akin to torture.

I do not know what to write about right now.

I have plenty to say and so many stories I want to tell, but today just doesn't feel like the day for that.

Other days and times I am open.

Today I am closed.

I don't know why I do that.  Some days I have so much to write and so much to say about Nora, but some days, I just want to keep that to myself.  Not share.

It is one of those days.

I have plenty of things written in random places, posts I have started in blank emails, posts I have started in word documents, posts that I have started in this blog.

But I don't want to share any of it today.  It doesn't feel right.  Perhaps it is the bleak and bleary weather that Minneapolis has been having since....oh....about September of last year (I need sun!).  Or perhaps I am coming off the intense end to my first year of teaching.

Whatever it may be, I apologize that I am closed off today and have nothing to write about.

Sometimes that is what grief does to you: it gives you so much to feel, think, and speak about, but it also makes you want to be quiet, still, silent.

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  1. Hi Kristi,
    I know that place where you are... a lot of people know that place... :-( And when I don't know what to say I look for wise words from Winnie the Pooh, somehow he has quotes for every situation. The only thing that is worrying me now, is that I have used up most of his quotes these past months. Now that is really worrying me, who can I turn to in the future ?? Kristi I hope we all get back our motivation, our hope and our trust in life... and do you know... we will!!!

    “You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes."
    Winnie the Pooh quote

    I wish you sunshine inside and outside.



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