Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Name Event

To all the grieving moms on Mother's Day, I was honored to write your child's name and did so with care.  This was truly a healing experience.  Thank you Catherine from Twinkle of Light for hosting this beautiful event.

"On Mother's Day I can think of no Mother more deserving than a Mother that had to give one back." ~ Erma Bombeck 

For Benji's Mom, Julie

 For Stella's Mom, Chelsea

 For Robert's Mom, Shannon

For Janessa's Mom, Shauna

For Joseph's Mom, Danielle

For Josiah's Mom, Julie

For Nate's Mom, Penny

For Kelsey's Mom, Vicki

For Edward's Mom, Salina

For Elio's Mom, Mel

For Rowan's Mom, Tara

For Mattiaus's Mom, Angela

For Avery's Mom, Crystal

For Daisey's Mom, Katy

For Bailey's Mom, Anita

For Robert's Mom, Tracey

For Bo's Mom, Kayla

From Audrey's Mom, Sylvia

For Evan's Mom, Rachel

For Violet's Mom, Mandy

 For Tossie's Mom, Kyla

For Gabriel's Mom, Catherine

For Hope Elna's Mom, Stacy

For Bodhi's Mom, Lynette

For Grace's Mom, Claire

For Samuel's Mom, RaeAnn

For Megan's Mom, Karen

For James's Mom, Gale

For Mason's Mom, Stefani

For Ethan's Mom, Naomi

I hope you can find some joy this Mother's Day,
 knowing I am thinking of you and your child.

~Still Breathing...Lindsey


  1. I'm sending this message around :-)

    Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are celebrating the day empty handed due to a loss or because your child has yet to make it to your arms. You are just as much a mother as the woman who has 12 kids tagging along after her. You are a mother in your heart, you go through the pain of treatments and negatives, but you are already a mother putting forth more as a mother to bring your children here, than so many others. Babyloss moms, you have endured the most tragic and important job a mother could ever do for her child. Sending them off from this life with love and honor and respect. Being strong and keeping their memory alive. Doing this while grieving and heartbroken in a society who minimizes the greatest effort a mother could possibly do.... letting go. It's a shame that Mother's Day is the way it is, alienating and separating women, rewarding some, degrading and ignoring others due to things they have no control over. If anything, Mother's Day should lift up those who are Mother's in their heart but not in their hands because ultimately, the mother's getting all the praise and fluff HAVE their greatest gift already, their children. And now that I have experienced Mother's Days as an infertile, a baby loss momma, and as a mother of living children, I can say that the difficulties of raising children-the exhaustion, the sacrifices, the worry, etc. is NOTHING compared to the lifelong grief I carry for the child who cannot be with me. Happy Mother's Day to you all. XOXO

    1. Mel,

      I forgot to say. Thank you for this. So kind. So sweet. So needed. And so true.



  2. Beautifully written Lindsey--I hope your Mother's Day is a time of peace for you. XOXO

  3. These are beautiful Lindsey! I finished mine last night and am going to take the photos tomorrow and I am so excited. It has already been such a healing experience for me. I have gotten half of my photos as well from other mom's and each one of them is so touching. I think your photo's are great! I hope you had an okay Mother's Day. <3

    1. Tasha,

      I think this project has been incredibly healing as well. I know I am late, but I hope Mother's Day was kind to you.



  4. Lindsey, You did an amazing job with all of your photos! You're so creative and thoughtful. Thank you so much for participating in the Name Event... I'm so very grateful that you did.

    Wishing you peace and healing always <3

    1. Catherine,

      It has been my pleasure to participate in this great event. You have provided so much healing for others.




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